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Dear Friend of Youth Sports:

We are writing to ask if you will consider a sponsorship in support of the 2019 Nashville Little Hornets Football Season

The Little Hornet Football Program (“LHF”) has the intent and purpose to instill in the players, parents, coaches, and directors, the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage, and respect. The Program is determined to teach poise and character to all those involved as it relates to activities occurring on or off of the field of play, and to build healthier bodies and stronger minds of our youth, at the same time teaching them about fair play and sportsmanship.

The purposes, for which this Program has been formed, are to develop and promote community interest in the sport of football; to provide opportunities for participation in organized football to all children, and to provide training in football fundamentals. Additionally, it is the intent of the Association to prepare its players to be ready to play football at Nashville Community High School. The children will be taught the basics and fundamentals of the offense, defense, and special teams that may be used by the high school coaching staff. It is also the intent and purpose that the Program shall be organized and operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes in the public interest.

LHF continues to raise funds towards various projects including:

  • Maintain existing protective equipment to standards (to protect the children against injuries): i.e. helmets and        shoulder pads 
  •   Purchase Practice Equipment and Training Aids.
  •     Purchase uniforms.
  •       Cost of referees, practice fields and playing fields.
  •       Season trophies
  •       General supplies for Registration of players, coaches, and volunteers.

The Little Hornet Football Program has been self-supporting for over 10 years but the added safety costs due to concussions awareness and the implementation of the Heads-Up Football program designed by the NFL, has nearly priced the average family out of the program.

A generous donation from your organization(s) for one of the below sponsorships will include announcements to all of our families, as well as name recognition at each Little Hornet Football Home Game and Banquet events that correspond with the level of sponsorship. Our overall goal is to get donations from the local community in the following sponsorships.

If you wish to donate, please complete the form below and contact a Little Hornet Football Board Member!  Thank you for your continued support of Little Hornet Football!

2018 donation letter lhf.pdf

Field Status

Open Open

Nashville Little Hornets - NCHS Field (09:34 PM | 04/19/18)

Open Open

Pinckneyville Jr. Panthers - Pinckneyville HS (09:34 PM | 04/19/18)

Open Open

Columbia Blue Jays - Bolm Schulkraft Park (09:34 PM | 04/19/18)

Open Open

Freeburg Little Midgets - Freeburg HS (09:34 PM | 04/19/18)

Open Open

Red Bud Muskets - Lincoln Park (09:34 PM | 04/19/18)

Open Open

Sparta Dawgs - Sparta HS (09:34 PM | 04/19/18)

Open Open

Waterloo Rampage - Konarcik Park (09:34 PM | 04/19/18)

Open Open

Chester Stingers - Chester HS (09:34 PM | 04/19/18)

Open Open

Dupo Tigers (09:34 PM | 04/19/18)